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Life Science

Brevetoxin PbTx 1 - CAS 98112-41-5

Category: ADCs

Product Name: Brevetoxin PbTx 1

Catalog Number: 98112-41-5

CAS Number: 98112-41-5

Description: An activator of voltage-sensitive Na+ channels, a suite of cyclic polyether compounds produced naturally by a species of dinoflagellate known as Karenia brevis. A ciguatoxin comprising a linear sequence of ten trans-fused five-, six-, eight- and nine-membered rings.

Molecular Weight: 867.08

Molecular Formula: C49H70O13


Purity: 95 % (HPLC).

Melting Point: 197-199 °C.

Appearance: Solid powder

Application: ADCs Cytotoxin

Storage: Brevetoxins are unusually stable materials in the dry state under vacuum.

Solubility: acetone, ethyl acetate, methanol (decomp.), ethanol (decomp.), water.

Ciguatoxin CTX-1B - CAS 11050-21-8

Category: Natural Compounds

Product Name: Ciguatoxin CTX-1B

Catalog Number: 11050-21-8

Synonyms: CIGUATOXIN; Ciguatoxin 1; Pacific ciguatoxin 1; CTX 1; P-CTX 1

CAS Number: 11050-21-8

Description: Ciguatoxin CTX-1B is a toxic polycyclic polyether found in fish, which is produced by Gambierdiscus from gambiertoxins. Studies indicated that Ciguatoxin CTX-1B could modulate the voltage of activation of sodium channels that increase neuronal excitability. Some symptoms such as paralysis and heart contraction may developed as humans ingest Ciguatoxin CTX-1B.

Molecular Weight: 1111.329

Molecular Formula: C60H86O19


Density: 1.4±0.1 g/cm3

Application: Ciguatoxin CTX-1B is a toxic polycyclic polyether.